Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make When You Hire A Plumber To Install Your Walk In Tub

When it comes to hiring a plumber to install your walk in bathtub, there are a number of mistakes you don’t want to make. The following list shares some of the worst mistakes consumers make.

Walk in bath plumber nightmare maker #1: Hiring the wrong kind of plumber.
Did you realize that there are two kinds of plumbers? If you hire a plumber that usually handles clogs, leaking toilets and such, you may be very disappointed with the way your walk in bathtub installation looks.

Don’t make that mistake. Make sure you are hiring a plumber who is skilled in installation and remodeling. You definitely need a plumber with remodeling skills! There’s that old bathtub to pull out in most cases, and a new walk in tub that needs to look as if it has always been there. Continue reading

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Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make When Choosing How To Purchase A Walk In Bathtub

If you want to be happy with your walk in bathtub purchase continue reading. There are four primary outlets through which you can purchase walk in bathtubs—custom in-home sales, local distributor showroom, online retail sales and big box retailers. Many people end up dissatisfied with their purchase because they didn’t understand the differences between the different outlets.

Don’t make the mistake of not considering the advantages and disadvantages of each purchasing option. It is only as you are fully informed that you can make the best decision for your finances and needs. Continue reading

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Do Walk In Bathtubs Make Sense For Individuals With Disabilities?

You may have been asking yourself this question. And you may be wondering whether walk in bathtub accents for your particular disability. Here are some of the questions we have been asked. We will do our best to answer them accurately.

Is a walk in bathtub a good choice for someone who is using a wheelchair?
Yes and no. Almost all walk in bathtub models don’t offer an opening wide enough for a wheelchair. This means if the person has no use of their legs at all, a walk in bathtub may not be a good solution. In this case, a wheelchair accessible shower is more appropriate. Continue reading

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The Dynamics of Being a Long-Distance Caregiver

The definition of a long-distance caregiver is one who provides care for an elder who lives at least an hour away. In today’s society, it has become fairly common for grown children to leave home to pursue different lifestyles and work opportunities resulting in being scattered geographically. As a result of all this movement, a growing number of adult sons and daughters are discovering just how hard it is to try to ensure the welfare of aging parents who live hundreds, sometimes thousands, of miles away.

When you live many miles away from your loved one(s) the separation can complicate care giving. Concerns about the person’s safety, nutrition and health can be overwhelming at times. The task can be difficult, stressful, and time consuming. Continue reading

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Does Medicare Cover Walk In Bathtubs And Other Questions Seniors Ask

The following questions are often asked by seniors about Medicare. See how many of the questions you can answer correctly.

  1. Does Medicare cover the purchase of a walk in bathtub?
    • Yes
    • No
  2. Continue reading

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Walk In Bathtubs: A Checklist For Savvy Customers

Don’t be one of those consumers who find themselves purchasing a walk in bathtub that doesn’t meet their needs. If you want to be sure you get a walk in bathtub that has the durability and qualities you expect from a major investment, then use this checklist to make sure you don’t miss important features that help you accomplish this. Continue reading


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Test Your Knowledge About Walk In Bathtubs

You may know a lot about purchasing a walk in bathtub. You may know how to select one. You may even think you know all the benefits of owning a walk in bathtub. Take this short quiz to see what you know about the benefits of walk in tubs.

1) Bathing in a walk in bath stimulates endorphin production.
a) True.
b) False.

2) Bathing is dangerous for someone with type II diabetes.
a) True.
b) False. Continue reading

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