Checklist for Evaluating Your Senior-Friendly Bathroom Design

Is the bathroom that you have designed senior friendly? These are the most important points to consider when designing a senior-friendly bathroom. There are others of course such as the personal tastes of the senior.

Use the following checklist to make sure.

  • Have I chosen slip resistant flooring?
  • It can be nice to install radiant heating under tile so the floor is warm. Have I chosen a rough tile that won’t be slippery when wet.
  • Have I planned where to put handrails?
  • Have a designed a layout that makes it possible to put handrails in locations that will be functional?
  • Have I designed the bathroom layout with adequate room to accommodate a walker or wheelchair?
  • Have I specified a senior friendly toilet installation height of 20 – 22 inches?
  • Have I chosen senior friendly hardware and fixtures? For example, are the faucet handles levers instead of knobs? Are door handles levers?
  • Have I replaced the standard tub with a safer tub option such as a walk in bathtub?
  • Have I made sure that the hot water temperature is going to be set at 120°F?
  • Are towel rods sturdy and able to bear weight if they are grabbed for stability?
  • Are there any glass doors in the bathroom that could be shattered in a fall?
  • Are there any mirrors that could be broken in a fall?

With so many options available today, it is far easier to find styles in flooring, grab bars, plumbing fixtures, etc. that meet the needs of seniors with flair than ever before.

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