Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make When You Hire A Plumber To Install Your Walk In Tub

When it comes to hiring a plumber to install your walk in bathtub, there are a number of mistakes you don’t want to make. The following list shares some of the worst mistakes consumers make.

Walk in bath plumber nightmare maker #1: Hiring the wrong kind of plumber.
Did you realize that there are two kinds of plumbers? If you hire a plumber that usually handles clogs, leaking toilets and such, you may be very disappointed with the way your walk in bathtub installation looks.

Don’t make that mistake. Make sure you are hiring a plumber who is skilled in installation and remodeling. You definitely need a plumber with remodeling skills! There’s that old bathtub to pull out in most cases, and a new walk in tub that needs to look as if it has always been there.

Walk in bath plumber nightmare maker #2: Not checking into credentials.
This is a big mistake that can leave you with a mess—literally. And not just financial.

Never deal with a plumber who doesn’t have a business license, state plumber’s license if required or certification, worker’s compensation coverage (unless the plumber is a sole proprietor and has no employees) and liability insurance coverage. In some areas, providing proof that the plumber is bonded is required as well.

The other credential you want to check is the Better Business Bureau record. Don’t make the mistake of not checking this resource out. Chances are good, if this plumber has ever done shoddy work, they will show up.

Another common mistake is failing to ask for a resume and references. Speaking with former customers is a great way to find out whether you would want to work with this plumber.

Walk in bath plumber nightmare maker #3: Not asking the right questions.
One of the biggest mistakes walk in bathtub owners make is they don’t ask the plumber if they have any experience installing walk in bathtubs. As a result, they may end up paying two or three times as much for the walk in bath installation because the plumber charges for the learning curve.

Other important questions to ask are how does the plumber handles changes if they become necessary.

Walk in bath plumber nightmare maker #4: Not getting everything down in writing.
The number of new walk in bathtub owners who make the mistake of not asking for a written estimate is impossible to calculate, but the number of complaints heard in Small Claims Court suggests it is far too many. Don’t make the mistake of handing over a penny until you have a written contract that promises what the plumber is going to do for you, what he or she is going to supply as part of the walk in bathtub installation, and how he or she will handle any problems that arise while installing the walk in tub and after the job is completed.

Walk in bath plumber nightmare maker #5: Going with the cheapest bid.
Some people make the mistake of thinking that the cheapest bid is the best one. It could be, but it rarely is. Don’t make the mistake of not comparing plumbers to plumbers before you make your choice. Make sure that that lowest bid offers the same quality as higher bids. Compare materials lists so you know you aren’t going with a walk in bathtub installation that is going to cut on quality and even quantity of materials.

Walk in bath plumber nightmare maker #6: No one got permits to install the walk in bath.
Don’t make the mistake of assuming the plumber is going to get the necessary permits. Ask. You can face fines for non-compliance, or even find yourself living without a bathroom for a while because the proper permits weren’t secured before installation of the walk in bathtub began.

Walk in bath plumber nightmare maker #7: Unexpected water damage.
This is always a potential nightmare when remodeling a bathroom. Don’t make the mistake of not getting a worst case quote for how much structural repairs, etc. might cost if dry rot is found underneath the old bathtub. Having this as a part of the quote helps prevent a plumber from suddenly charging you far more than the original bid.

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