Frequently Asked Questions About The Features, Benefits, And Purchasing Of Walk In Bathtubs

A walk in bathtub is a major purchase. You may be wondering what you need to look for, what the benefits are of owning a walk in bathtub, and how to go about purchasing a walk in bathtub. In this article, we will answer some of the more frequently asked questions we hear hear at A&R Wholesale.

What features should I be looking for in a walk in bathtub?
One of the most important features to look for in a walk in bathtub is a double drain. This allows the tub to drain twice as fast as an ordinary bathtub.

How does owning a walk in bathtub benefit me?
The primary advantage of walk in bathtubs is the safety they provide. For anyone with a mobility issue, a walk in bathtub makes enjoying a full bath possible with very low risk. The low threshold for the tub door makes entering the bathtub easier. The built-in seat requires less mobility. If mobility is an issue, a walk in bathtub will be especially beneficial.

Why is a double drain so important?
Unlike a standard bathtub, you have to sit in a walk in tub until it drains so you can open the door to walk out of the tub. You don’t want to undue all the benefits of a body warming and relaxing bath be getting chilled while the tub drains.

What is the advantage of having the door swing into the tub?
Doors that swing into a walk in bathtub offer two advantages.

  1. You don’t have to worry about providing room for the door because it doesn’t swing into the room.
  2. As the tub fills, the pressure helps to keep the door sealed, minimizing the risk of leakage.

Would having a door that swings out into the room be better in an emergency?
While a door that swings out into the room could be opened in an emergency, the flooding that would occur could make the bathroom quite dangerous for anyone providing assistance. It could also cause considerable water damage to the home. A double drain accommodates rapid draining.

Which is better, whirlpool jets or air jets?
If you budget only accommodates one type of jet, choose an air jet system. The action is gentler that most whirlpool jets, yet it still provides a beneficial hydrotherapy massage. If you can get both, do so. You can alternate between the two for a customized therapeutic treatment.

Why should I add aromatherapy to my walk in bath experience?
Aromatherapy has been proven to assist the body with the healing process. When combined with a hot bath, especially when moving water is involved, the essential oils not only benefit you through inhalation, they are also absorbed through the skin.

What should I look for in a walk in bathtub?

  1. Look at the type of bracing used in the tub design. The more bracing the better as this will enhance the tub’s safety and longevity.
  2. Look for the materials used in the tub. How thick is the acrylic? If the tub is fiberglass, be aware that the gelcoat layer can wear through.
  3. Look at the warranty. How long does it last? How dependable is the company offering the warranty? What costs are involved in taking advantage of the warranty?

How can I guarantee a safe online purchase of a walk in bathtub?
Make sure you review the return policy of the company you are purchasing your walk in bathtub from. If they sent you the wrong tub, would you be able to send it back at their expense? Ask plenty of questions. Compare all your options before you finalize on the walk in tub you want. Make sure that the purchase process is secure by checking to make sure that the checkout page displays HTTPS:// at the beginning of the URL.

How do I prevent making a mistake in this size of the tub I order?
Take careful measurements of your bathroom. Measure the size of the existing bathtub. The walk in bathtub cannot be any larger than this in most cases, though you might be able to buy a smaller tub. Also, take measurements of any doorways the tub must pass through. Then check the spec sheets for the model you’re considering. Make sure the dimensions don’t exceed the width of the doorway. Remember you can remove the door itself, and even doorstops. What you cannot remove without considerable expense is the door frame itself.

A&R Wholesale would be happy to answer any more questions that you might have about walk in bathtubs. Our qualified staff understands the complexities of walk in bathtub installations and know how to custom select the right walk in bathtub for your needs. Call us at 1(800) 250-7832 or visit our website at and use our live-chat feature.

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